Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Angel Story

Beyond Customer Service

One widow gets some unexpected comfort from a routine phone call.

By Patricia A. Punt Forest Hill, Maryland

Larry and I had been in love since 11th grade. “I’ll love you forever,” he said when we were married. Forever for us turned out to be 30 wonderful years. Now that Larry had passed away I was left spending my Valentine’s Day alone. I tried to keep myself busy with chores around the house, and called the utility company, where Larry had worked, to clear up an error on my bill. The customer service rep was efficient, and the problem was corrected in no time.“Mrs. Punt?” the rep said. “Are you related to Larry Punt?”“He was my husband.”“What a great guy. I’m sorry about your loss.” Hearing Larry’s name from this stranger was so unexpected I didn’t know what to say.“Larry always talked about you,” the man said, “and I’m glad you were sent to me when you called. It gave me a chance to remember an old friend.”The utility company had thousands of employees. What were the chances of being connected with someone who knew my husband? “Your words mean a lot,” I said. “Especially today.”“Today? Oh, of course. Happy Valentine’s Day!”I guess God wanted to make sure I knew that, on my special day, my husband wasn’t the only one who had promised to love me forever.

This article first appeared in Angels on Earth magazine.
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Beyond Customer ServiceJust read the story, and it reminded me of when I was working as a Home Health Aide. I sat with this lady nights, and on the way to her house this one night, I stopped at a Seven Eleven to pick up something, and happened to notice real roses being sold, so I bought one. When I knocked on the her door, this lady burst out in tears when I handed her the rose. She said, "I have been missing Charles so much today, and praying for a sign from him. He used to bring me red roses." How humbling to know that the Lord used me to bring comfort and encouragement to this dear lady.Posted By: Mary Stromnes2008-11-30 5:09 PM
Widow - ChristianIt means a great deal to hear your loved ones name - refreshes ones soul. It has been such a comfort to hear him ( my late husband ) mentioned at church by his former co-workers and Sunday school class. I love to hear his name. SPosted By: Shirley Ison2008-10-23 12:57 PM

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