Monday, March 9, 2009

Sole Proprietorship

I operate my business as a sole proprietorship and my speciality is developmental editing. My job is to provide guidance and guidelines for the beginning writer. I take the author's idea and help turn it into an interesting, well-written book, novel or memoir.

Before - Some authors come to me before they begin work on their first draft. I help them design a writing plan that will keep rewrites and revisions to a minium.

During - Other authors contact me during the writing process, often they're in the middle of the book and unsure which direction to take. I look at the idea and the organization of the events and I offer solutions on how to fix the problems.

After - Many authors have a rough first draft and no idea how to polish their prose. I'll read the book looking for holes and gaps and create a comprehensive plan for revision.

Unlike most developmental editors I edit on the page and prepare a multi-page Style Sheet. My speciality is the memoir.

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